Based in central sri lanka. We consist of multidisciplinary team of interior architects, designers and workers dedicated to the highest level of detail and creative expression. We believe that history and modernity, imagination and discipline, refinement and anomalies can and should coexist. Inspiration is found within the resulting tension, the singular integration of experiences.


Our process is research-based and collaborative. We’re curious and inquisitive, and like to develop meaningful relationships with our clients. Of course, we bring to the table a particular vision but also a nexus of collaborators – the tradespeople and craft folk and designers who together help us create very singular interiors.


It is a design-focused practice that prides itself on providing unique, innovative & poetic interior outcomes for its clients. Each project provides a set of unique possibilities for the exploration of ideas and concepts. The practice is committed to responding to these possibilities through a rigorous design process, which seeks to produce outcomes tailored to the needs of its clients whilst staying true its Interior vision.

At ZENITH INTERIORS we have a real commitment to being environmentally responsible in all areas of design and manufacturing. It’s not just a token approach. Whenever we can, environmentally friendly materials are used in our designs to create the perfect, guilt-free transformation. Whether its environmentally friendly paint choices, we source materials and finishes that deliver on style, comfort, durability and sustainability.


For Sustainable Future